International Scientific Educational Forum
“Human, Family and Society: History and Prospects for Development”
November 26 - 28, 2012, Krasnoyarsk, KSPU named after V.P. Astafiev
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of International Scientific Educational Forum
“Human, Family and Society: History and Prospects for Development”,
devoted 80-th Anniversary of Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after V.P. Astafiev


Program Committee

Olga Anatolevna Karlova, Doctor of Philosophical sciences, Professor, Acting rector of KSPU named after V.P. Astafiev – Chairwoman of the Program Committee

Valeriy Anatolevich Kovalevskiy, Doctor of Medical sciences, Professor, first vice-rector – vice-rector for scientific activity at KSPU named after V.P. Astafiev – Vice-Chairman of the Program Committee

Valentina Ivanovna Pikhutina, Candidate of Philological sciences, associate professor, Scientific secretary of the scientific council at KSPU named after V.P. Astafiev – Scientific secretary of the Program Committee

Organization Committee

Yuriy Nikolaevich Moskvich, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical sciences, Professor, vice-rector for strategy of development and international cooperation at KSPU named after V.P. Astafiev – Chairman of the Organization Committee

Irina Vasilevna Kolomeytseva, leading specialist of the Center for strategic forecasting and development programs of KSPU named after V.P. Astafiev – secretary of the Organization Committee


Russian conference with international participation "Prospects and Challenges of the Information Society" November 27-28, 2012


All-Russian Methodical Conference "Information Technology in Mathematics and Mathematical Education" November 27-28, 2012


IV International Scientific-Practical Conference "Development of Continuing Education" November 27-28, 2012


All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference with international participation "The renewal of training and academic practices in the context of family, society and region demands: the experience and prospects pedagogical university student competence development“ November 27-28, 2012


V All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference "Psychological Science and Practice of Education" November 24-27, 2012


IVth All-Russian scientific-practical conference “Preschool education in contemporary Russia: problems and perspectives of development” November 28, 2012


IV-th All-Russian scientific-practical interdepartmental conference with the international participation “Social rehabilitation: the space of human development” November 27, 2012


Conference "Contemporary Problems of Language and Culture" November 27-28, 2012


International scientific-practical conference “Language  is a spiritual  heritage of people” November 27-28, 2012


The first scientific-practical conference “Socio-cultural adaptation and integration of migrant youth to the polycultural educational space. Problems, search, solutions” November 27-28, 2012


Conference “The 70th anniversary of the ferry air-route “Alaska-Siberia”” November 27, 2012


The second all-Russian research and practice conference with international participation “The Theory and Methods of Foreign Languages Teaching In the Conditions of the Multicultural Society” November 28-29, 2012


The fifth all-Russian scientific-methodical conference with international participation “The modern problems of the Natural Science Teaching” November 13-15, 2012


The Third International Distance Scientific and Practical Conference “The Deaf Education in Russia and Abroad” October 19 – November 27, 2012



Research and practical workshop “Psychological and pedagogical aspects of work with children with autistic disorders and their families”


Webinar «Interaction of Educational Institutions and the Pedagogical University within the frame of  Network Educational Space» November 27, 2012


Training seminar «Scholar Brand: how to be quoted. The Electronic Resources of the Thomson Reuters Company for information support of science and scientific performance appraisal» November 30, 2012


The Natural Science Laboratory «Practicum for 10th grade natural science specialized school students for base experimental educational institutions» November 27, 2012



The Round Table “Projecting teacher quality training on the basis of competency approach: problems and perspectives» November 27, 2012


The Round Table «Interuniversity Integration for Master’s degree program training» November 28, 2012




The Round Table «School, Family, Society and Church Interaction in spiritual-moral education of village students and youth»


The Round Table «Destiny of a tutor in Modern Society» November 27, 2012. 14.00–16.00November 28, 2012


The Round Table “Enrollment of foreign students in universities of the Russian Federation” November 28, 2012


Round table «Implementation of FSES (Federal State Educational Standard) as the basis for creating new educational space in primary school» November 27-29, 2012


The round table “Assessment of efficiency of educational activity at university” November 28, 2012


Round table “Geographical and geoecological study for optimal nature management on the territory of Krasnoyarsk region” November 15, 2012


Round table discussion “Psycoacmeological problems and prospects of work with children and youth” November 28, 2012



Master-class “The development of creativity as a professional quality of a teacher” November 28, 2012


Master-class “Speech-communication technologies of forming Strategic Communication in Education”


Master-Class “The development of positive social thinking of teachers and students of educational institutions”


Master-class “I am an effective parent” November 27, 2012


Master-class and a contextual seminar “The technological foresight, innovative politics, engineering development and modern educational projects” November 27, 2012


Master-class “Female strategy in Business” November 28, 2012


Master-class “Career control” November 28, 2012


Negotiation site “Strategic and innovative education consulting. Public and professional expertise and certification of educational institutions” November 28, 2012


Public lectures:

Public lecture “Sofia University named after St. Clement of Ochrid in international educational space” November 28, 2012


Public lecture “Overcoming the consequences of the technogenic disaster at Fukushima nuclear power plant-1 in Japan. Reaction of society and authority” November 28, 2012


Public lecture “Techno-humanitarian balance and dynamics of social violence” November 28, 2012


Public lecture “Innovations management in social sphere” November 28, 2012


Open lecture “Individualization principle as the main characteristic of modern education” November 28, 2012


Public lecture “Modeling  innovative education results: development of strategic vision, positive social thinking, speech and communicative pedagogical practices, innovative readiness”


Public lecture “Comparative analysis in forming intercultural competence in Russia and Germany” November 28, 2012


Public lecture “Comparative analysis of software means for the organization of network cooperation in the educational space” November 28, 2012



Exhibition “Publication of the project “Program for a strategic development” November 27, 2012



2012. Krasnoyarsk state pedagogical university named after V.P. Astafiev.
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